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Juliette Taylor

International Role Model Jnr-Teen 2017/18

** Interview to be added ** 

Frequently Asked Questions! 

1) Is the trip to internationals you win fully funded? 

Yes! All Royal UK winners win entry fees, Ad page , sponsorship fee, hotel and flights to internationals.

2) I am married/have children, can I still enter? 

Yes! We have no rules regarding marriage or having had children, everyone is welcome to apply.

3) Is there an entry fee?

Yes like all pageants in the UK we charge an entry fee, this can be paid directly by you or a sponsor. The reason we charge a fee is this is where the funding comes from to hold the UK Competition and send the girls internationally. 

4) Do you have a set 'type' of winner? 

NOT AT ALL. We do not have a tick box for our judges, nor do we have a certain 'look' we go for. Our winners have all been different shapes, sizes, heights, race, hair colour's etc. Each girls is judged individually and not pitted against one another other. We are looking for strong women who want to use the power that comes with being a queen to make a change. 

5) I've never done this before, do I need experience? 

Nope! Our winners have been a mix of seasoned pageant girls and complete newbies. We are not looking for the 'prettiest' or the best on stage. Being a Royal girls is all about being real and relatable. 

6) Can I enter last minute and still be in with a chance of winning? 

Absolutely, we have no additional points for charity money raised or appearances made, meaning everyone is equal on the day of the competition. 

7) I've heard I have to do a speech on stage! 

Not at all, as part of the interview process you will be asked to introduce yourself to the judges. This is done in the privacy of the interview room and is the same as answering the question 'tell us about you'. Even at international level this is now not done on the main stage. 

8) I want to support my own charity or platform, can I do this? 

Of course, Royal UK has NO charity, we allow each contestant to choose their own platform to support however they wish. This could be from raising money, donating items or simply raising awareness.

9) Do I get a regional title when I enter? 

Yes! All of our finalists will be awarded regional titles and will received a beautiful silver and purple sash to wear on the lead up to the grand finals. We ask for your 'top 3 choices' on our entry form and will always endeavour to award your fist choice unless that area is already taken. Lots of ladies use either their City, Town or region (eg. Blackpool, Lancashire, North West) 

10) If I don't win can I enter again and keep my title? 

Entries for the following year will open after the UK finals. Current finalist will be contacted first to see if they want to keep their title for the following year. 

11) Have your crowns changed? 

Yes, we trialled the new round one but we felt it didn't represent the UK very well so we have changed them to the traditional tiara style that have an adjustable band at the back. 

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