Meet our INTERNATIONAL Winners


Juliette Taylor

International Role Model Jnr-Teen 2017/18

Category: Junior Teen

International title: International role model pre teen/ jr teen 2017/18

National title: Royal International Miss United Kingdom Jr teen

International achievement: International role model, international fitness model, best interview, international scrapbook winner, power of the crown, best personality, best smile, regal elegance award, appearance award


Why did you choose to compete in Royal; International Miss?

I entered RIM UK very last minute ( a week before ) I had hadn’t heard much about it as this was the first time RIM had gone international however from what I researched it seemed like an amazing system and I couldn’t pass up this incredible opportunity. RIM is such a family and such an inclusive system everyone is free to be totally themselves and that uniqueness is celebrated. RIM is also such a big pageant over in the US there are over 200 contestants from all over the world so getting the opportunity to share your platform and connect with hundreds of people of all ages from all around the world is something I think RIM is so incredible for.


What was your experience like at Internationals?

 I was in the first ever group of UK girls to go to RIM internationals so we were thrown into the deep end (however with Hollie as the UK director the girls will be so well prepared) RIM is truly the experience of a lifetime crown or not, the international staff go above and beyond for everything, from the themed parties to awards ceremonies and all the varied optional competitions there is just so many opportunities to indulge and have the time of your life. For me I entered a few optionals and was lucky enough to win my fair share of them and winning these made me content let alone coming away as the first ever International winner at RIM! RIM is a week of fun, making friends and connections, sharing your platform and competing for such a prestigious title.


Can you tell us about your platform?

My platform is S.T Oswald's hospice, a local charity and one which is very dear to me. Having fundraised since a very young age for this charity it felt only right to continue my work and take it to an international level. Myself I raised over 6000 pounds by hosting princess balls, teddy tombolas, dance classes and so many more. Knowing that what you have done could change somebody's life is such a wonderful feeling to have. 


How did you feel when your name was called as an international winner?

I have never felt anything like this in my life! I remember sinking to the ground in tears knowing that all of my hard work had paid off and the realization that I had just made history as the first ever international winner astounded me. I will be forever grateful to the judges for trusting me with the title as I got the opportunity to do things I would never have done before like take a luxury cruise to Mexico with my sister queens and getting spoilt rotten, a return trip to Florida to crown my successor not mentioning the platform RIM gave me my audience was broadened all over the world and I could share my work and platform with so many more people. 


What was your international service project?

 Our international service project, decided by the international role models was Operation Gratitude, raising awareness and celebrating first responders all around the world. This project was decided as we knew people could connect and help support from many different countries. The purpose of the project was to make and hand out para cord bracelets to any form of first responder we also sent a lot of thank you cards to show our gratitude to those responders who put their files on the line for us every day. This project was so rewarding and I loved getting to host my own monthly challenges to get people involved and see what the 2018 delegates did with this platform. 


Any advice for the UK finalists?

 Be true to you! RIM is such a unique system and they want diverse queens so by being yourself and what you have to the table alone really sets you apart from other competitors. You never know who's watching! Always wear your invisible crown you are representing RIM and want to show it off in the best light. You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds, I wore the same dress for nationals and internationals and a fashion wear from my first pageant, as long as you look good and feel confident in what you're wearing that is what the judges want to see. Be passionate about your platform, RIM is all about charity/ volunteer work so show the judges how passionate you are and what you could bring to team UK.


Hollie Robinson

Royal International Ms. 2018/19

Category: Ms

International title: Royal International Ms. 2018/19

National title: Royal International Ms UK 2017/18

International achievement: Royal International Ms Winner, MS divisional top 5,  International Top Model Winner, International Appearance Award, Regal Excellence award.


Why did you choose to compete in Royal International Miss?

I had actually been involved with Royal since its implementation in the UK in 2017. I judged the first every competition which saw Juliette win the UK and then the International competition, I watched 2017 team UK’s journey to internationals and couldn’t believe how amazing they system looked! Plus the option to choose my own platform was really appealing to me.


What was your experience like at Internationals?

Royal allowed me to finally achieve a lifelong dream of representing the UK on an international stage and boy was it a HUGE international stage at that! I compete alongside 200 girls from across the world. I had the week of my life from preliminaries to photo shoots and then the 4 evening parties, it was jam packed with fun laughter and memories.


Can you tell us about your platform?

My platform was raising awareness for Endometriosis, a painful gynecological condition myself and 1 in 10 women suffer from. There is no cure and no real treatment and due to the lack of medical and public knowledge the average diagnosis time takes 8-10 years. My aim was to educate people on the symptoms to help women achieve a diagnosis sooner. With the help of Royal International Miss I was able to spread my awareness INTERNATIONAL and educate thousands of women.


How did you feel when your name was called as an international winner?

I think I had a mini heart attack! It was such a HUGE shock as I never even dreamed of winning, I thought 1st runner up was the best I could do as no one representing an international country had won the divisional title before. So not only had I won I had also made pageantry history.


What was your international service project?

Our service project was celebrating Literacy all year. We all know how the new generation are all about technology with iPads, iPhones and games consoles, no one ever picks up a book to read so our goal was to get the world reading again! We did things like donated books to hospitals, gave out books as Halloween gifts instead of sweets and even hid books on public transport for people to find!


Any advice for the UK finalists?

My advice would be to choose a platform you are truly passionate about as passion is a huge trait the system prides itself on. Also be willing to take advise and guidance as Royal is a huge but also super fun!